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Safety signs are an important legal requirement for premises of all kinds. However, most safety signs are made of plastic or PVC based materials and will last for hundreds if not thousands of years, despite many signs only needing to be used on a temporary basis. Typical premises may have hundreds of safety signs that will eventually be replaced or disposed of - representing a significant amount of plastic potentially entering landfill, not to mention the millions of plastic signs produced to meet demand. We have developed a range of best-selling safety signs using alternative eco-friendly materials. These materials are free from virgin plastics yet offer comparable quality and durability to typical sign materials.

Self-Adhesive Plastic Free Sign Paper - manufactured from a tough paper base, with great print quality predominantly for indoor use.

100% Recycled 1mm and 2mm Rigid Plastic Signs - manufactured completely from reused waste plastics – these look the same as virgin plastic and offer comparable performance indoors and out.

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  1. Fire Safety Signs

    Fire Safety Signs

    Provide clear and concise instructions about the actions to take in the case of a fire
    As Low As £0.44
  2. Hygiene Signs

    Hygiene Signs

    Ideal for advising visitors and staff alike of protocols to keep working conditions clean and sanitary
    As Low As £0.44
  3. Exit Signs

    Exit Signs

    Exit signs are vital in the event of a fire or other emergency
    As Low As £1.70
  4. First Aid Signs

    First Aid Signs

    Essential to locating first aid in the event of an emergency
    As Low As £0.44
  5. CCTV Signs

    CCTV Signs

    Alert people to the presence of CCTV systems or cameras on your premises
    As Low As £1.70
  6. No Smoking Signs

    No Smoking Signs

    Clearly establishes areas where smoking is prohibited and allowed
    As Low As £1.70
  7. Prohibition Signs

    Prohibition Signs

    Help reduce the risk of accidents and ensure that staff and visitors know what is allowed or prohibited
    As Low As £0.44
  8. Safe Condition Signs

    Safe Condition Signs

    Highlight important health and safety information relating to emergency actions, equipment and facilities
    As Low As £0.44
  9. Notice Boards & Stands

    Notice Boards & Stands

    Organise and inform with notice boards made from recycled materials
    As Low As £2.75
  10. Eco Posters

    Eco Posters

    Environmental advice signs help individuals, businesses and institutions to become more environmentally friendly
    As Low As £5.95
  11. Caution/Warning Signs

    Caution/Warning Signs

    Inform employees and visitors of potential hazards on the premises
    As Low As £0.44
  12. PPE Signs

    PPE Signs

    Ensure all staff wear appropriate PPE at all times and reduce injuries among your workforce
    As Low As £0.44
  13. Mandatory Signs

    Mandatory Signs

    Provide a constant reminder to staff and visitors of actions which must be taken in the immediate area
    As Low As £1.70
  14. HSE Law Poster

    HSE Law Poster

    The latest version of the H&S Law Poster- Updated Recyclable PP5 Material is more eco friendly than previous versions
    As Low As £9.05
  15. Combined Accident and Near-Miss Book

    Combined Accident and Near-Miss Book

    Fully GDPR compliant accident and near-miss book - Made from 100% recycled paper
    As Low As £2.95
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