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We supply over 5000 eco-friendly alternatives on day to day products

EcoCentric is a one stop shop for eco-friendly alternatives on day to day products used by all kinds of organisations. From cleaning and janitorial supplies, to first aid, safety signs, packaging, foodware, facilities management and outdoor furniture – we supply over 5000 products to everyone from sole traders to multinationals with no minimum order quantity and no need for an account, you don’t even need to be a business.

Eco Products

We do not Greenwash

We do not Greenwash. We only sell essential products that can do the job and are better for the environment than the standard or typical options in some way – if a product doesn’t match that description, we don’t sell it, and we try to be honest about how good or green a product is through our innovative rating system.

We scrutinise credentials and claims from suppliers and have learnt that no product is perfect, especially when you really dig into the detail. We are definitely not experts on environmental matters, it is an incredibly complex area, but we do know products very well and can hopefully help our customers make informed purchasing decisions by being transparent.

For example, a biodegradable product sounds great until you realise it won’t biodegrade as well once you’ve used it, or it needs to go in clinical waste after use. Compostable products also sound wonderful until you realise you don’t have an industrial composter to hand…

We ourselves are a business with premises to maintain. We know that for many products used on a daily basis, there simply aren’t that many genuinely eco-friendly products that perform well enough, and cost the right amount of money - yet.

Just like our customers, we’re also doing our best to learn about simple and affordable changes to daily processes that can be made to help reduce environmental impact.

Our Guarantees

Free Delivery On Orders Over £50

Free Delivery On Orders Over £50

For Every £20 Spent With Us, We Plant A Tree

For Every £20 Spent With Us, We Plant A Tree

Free Returns With 30 Day No Quibble Guarantee

Free Returns With 30 Day No Quibble Guarantee

Established UK Business Get Up To £500 Credit

Established UK Business Get Up To £500 Credit

Bulk Savings

Bulk Savings – You Save Money, And Fewer Shipments Is Good For The Planet

Anyone Can Order From Us, No Mininum Order

Anyone Can Order From Us, No Minimum Order Quantity

Eco Products

Why EcoCentric?

EcoCentric is part of the Value Products group – an established seller of b2b products since 2007, supplying over 250,000 satisfied customers with high quality products at competitive prices.

In light of recent climate reports, we realised that in many of the product areas that we deal in, there simply weren’t many (or any) genuinely eco-friendly alternatives. In fact, the majority of best-selling product areas were imported from the Far East, with very few other options.

With EcoCentric, we wanted to launch a website devoted exclusively to alternative products which do the job and are better for the planet, not simply offer them alongside regular products which sell in significantly greater numbers and claim to be environmentally friendly.

We know some areas are light on choice but one day we hope all product areas will have deep and comprehensive ranges of genuinely eco-friendly product alternatives. We will constantly be adding new products that fit the bill as soon as they are available to help achieve this.

Our aim is to be part of the drive for change so that ‘eco-friendly’ no longer becomes a novelty or something which manufacturers try to justify listing as a product benefit, but a given for all essential b2b products used for typical day to day operations.

Are You A ‘Green’ Company?

Like many companies; not as much as we’d like to be, but we’re working on it all the time!

In addition to only selling genuinely eco-friendly products via EcoCentric, some of our green initiatives include:

  1. Our wider group has ISO 14001 certification, this is the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS).
  2. You can view our Packaging Statement here – we are continuously finding ways to apply the principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and have made great steps in eliminating single use plastics from our packaging.
  3. We have partnered with Ecologi to plant a tree for every £20 spent on EcoCentric– see our Ecologi Forest here
  4. We offer bulk discounts to reduce shipments, and price in case multiples – this allows us to ship complete ‘outers’ and avoid additional packaging.
  5. We are exploring ‘green courier’ and ‘green hosting’ schemes to offset our footprint further
  6. We have moved production of some key lines across the group back into the UK to reduce Far East supply and significant amounts of shipping
  7. We upcycle wherever possible, for example, cardboard materials received at distribution centres get reused as protective layering on pallet deliveries
  8. We vet the environmental credentials of all prospective suppliers and partners
  9. We use many of the products we sell via EcoCentric – what better way to give them an honest assessment?