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Our Product Rating System Explained

Buying ‘green’ is complicated. Often products that sound eco-friendly aren’t in practice, others may have hidden eco benefits that are not obvious, and it can be difficult to know how they stack up against buying the usual products you may be familiar with.

Our innovative rating system is designed to help you make informed decisions by making it easy to judge a product against a standard or typical product that is directly comparable and tell you why we feel it is better for the environment.

We always aim to be honest. Some b2b product areas still don’t have great eco alternatives and we fully acknowledge that the very nature of some essential products makes it hard for them to be considered truly ‘green’ – for example, single use first aid or disposable gloves.

You can view our video explaining our rating system, or read more below:

Our rating system includes 4 elements:

  1. Performance Score. A score out of 5 which indicates the performance of the product in comparison to ‘traditional’ or not specifically eco-friendly products in that area. This is to show if there’s any trade-off in efficacy in order to achieve a more environmentally friendly product.
  2. Eco-Credentials. A score out of 5 to indicate just how ‘eco-friendly’ a product is compared to typical products. This score will take into account everything from environmental impact of production and usage to disposal in the real world. A higher score here reflects greater eco benefits vs standard products.
  3. Our Opinion. This part of the rating comes direct from us and reflects how we feel about using the product as a replacement for typical options, taking into account the previous two points and highlighting any hidden drawbacks or shortcomings, as well as a products selling points. This section could be considered a round-up and a recommendation based on the scores the product has achieved and we hope it will help you to make the choice to place your order.
  4. Colour coded icons. These clearly show why the product is considered eco-friendly, showing the extent of the green credentials where applicable, for example showing if the product is made from sustainable raw materials, partially or fully recycled material or from virgin material. The icons will offer a quick and easy way to see if the product is as environmentally friendly as you require, and help highlight the differences between products.

A full breakdown of our icons used in our rating system can be seen below:

Icon / Description

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Recycled Plastic

Products made from recycled content plastic colour coded to signify 100% (Green icon) Greater than 50% (Orange icon) and less than 50% (Brown icon)

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Denotes products that are vegan does not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients

Image FullImage FullImage Full

Recycled Content

Products and/or packaging made from recycled content 100% (Green icon) Greater than 50% (Orange icon) and less than 50% (Brown icon)

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Cruelty Free

A product and its ingredients which are not tested on animals

Image FullImage Full

Reduced Waste

Products which employ processes that reduce the volume and toxicity of waste and materials, that conserve and recover all resources, and do not burn or bury them

Image Full

Plastic Free

This icon denotes that both product and packaging is free from plastics

Image FullImage Full


Utilising natural materials that allow a product to be composted without the need for energy intensive recycling and are free from potentially toxic manmade substances. Colour coded to signify 100% natural product (Green icon), part natural product (Orange icon). 

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Plant Based

Products that are made entirely from plants and are completely free of all animal products


Image FullImage Full


Materials that can be composted saving the need for energy intensive recycling and are free from toxic substances. Colour coded to signify part compostability e.g. cap or lid only. 100% compostable (Green icon), part compostable (Orange icon).

Image Full

Non Toxic

Products that don't contain ingredients that have been linked to toxic responses in humans


Image FullImage Full


A product or material that is capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms and thereby avoiding pollution. Colour coded to signify 100% biodegradable product (Green icon), part biodegradable product (Orange icon).

Image Full

Refills Available

A container that can be re-used, the purchase of a refillable product creates 70% less CO2 emissions, uses 60% less energy and 45% less water than if you bought a brand new bottle

Image Full

Carbon Neutral

Signifies a state of net-zero carbon dioxide emissions during production and/or transportation of the product

Image Full


Products made from materials that are widely recycled in the UK e.g. cardboard, paper and certain plastics

Image Full

Made In UK

Products made locally in the UK that stimulate local economies, promote potentially shorter supply chains and lower carbon emissions from transportation

Image Full

Recyclable Packaging

Packaging made from virgin materials which can be widely recycled in UK e.g. cardboard, paper and certain plastics

Image Full

FSC Certified

Confirms that wooden products/materials come from responsibly managed forests that can provide environmental, social and economic benefits

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Fair Trade

This icon confirms that the trade between companies in developed countries and producers in developing countries was equitable and fair prices were paid

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Reused Waste

Using an upcycled waste material to make a product or packaging e.g. utilising agricultural waste to make paper

Image Full

Plastic Bottles Recycled

Denotes the specific number of plastic milk bottles used in the manufacture of the product and which have been diverted from landfill

Image Full


Products that can be used multiple times for the same purpose, cutting the energy usage required to manufacture replacements

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Eco Credentials

Shows how "eco" a product is. This score (out of 5) will rate environmental impact of production and usage to end of life disposal. Higher score reflects a lower negative impact

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Responsible Manufacturing

Products produced in a way that minimizes environmental impacts and takes social. responsibility for employees, the community, and. consumers throughout a product's life cycle

Image Full


A score out of 5  indicates the performance of the product in comparison with Non Eco alternatives

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Chemical Free

A product or material that has been produced without the use of artificial man made chemicals