Catering & Foodware

Eco-friendly catering supplies are perfect for any business wanting to operate in a greener, more sustainable way. Whether its reusable cups, straws and food containers, cutlery or plates and bowls, this range is designed to give you environmentally friendly alternatives to your standard catering equipment.

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  1. Cutlery


    Made from biodegradable sturdy wood or compostable PLA materials
    As Low As £2.50
  2. Food Containers

    Food Containers

    Sustainable plant based compostable food containers ensures zero waste
    As Low As £2.50
  3. Drinking Cups

    Drinking Cups

    Made from recycled paper or plant based materials
    As Low As £3.65
  4. Straws


    Replace single-use plastic straws with a sustainable alternative
    As Low As £3.75
  5. Plates & Bowls

    Plates & Bowls

    Disposable crockery made from reclaimed sugarcane fibre
  6. Vegware Food Prep Gloves

    Vegware Food Prep Gloves

    Compostable, plant-based gloves that are perfect for hygienic food prep
    As Low As £5.25
  7. Compostable Write On Stickers

    Compostable Write On Stickers

    Water-based Self-adhesive stickers that are stylish, practical and eco-friendly
    As Low As £16.15
  8. Recycled Kraft Flat Bags

    Recycled Kraft Flat Bags

    Recycled kraft bags for serving and carrying food. Eco-friendly compostable paper material.
    As Low As £16.00
  9. 1 Ply Dispenser Napkins

    1 Ply Dispenser Napkins

    Soft napkins made from unbleached 100% recycled fibre
    As Low As £3.45
  10. 2 Ply Unbleached Napkins

    2 Ply Unbleached Napkins

    Soft, absorbent napkins made from unbleached 100% recycled fibre
    As Low As £2.45
  11. Compostable Tree Stickers

    Compostable Tree Stickers

    Water-based Self-adhesive stickers that show your commitment to sustainability
    As Low As £16.15
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