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Packaging Statement

The packaging we use at EcoCentric is part of our commitment to sustainability. We understand that single use plastic packaging has a huge negative impact on our planet and we are committed to eradicating its use on EcoCentric products wherever possible.

Most of the packaging we use is made from recycled materials, including carboard boxes and recycled paper filler. We are constantly striving to improve our packaging materials as new and innovative green alternatives become available. Before we introduce new packaging we test it to make sure that it is fit for purpose. Ensuring that your products arrive in excellent condition is still our number one priority and we will not introduce packaging that does not meet the standards required.

When products are packaged by our suppliers we encourage them to work with us to improve their offering and remove all unnecessary or harmful materials. If you receive a product with inappropriate packaging please do let us know.

EcoCentric are working hard to find long-term solutions to the problem of single-use plastic packaging materials, and we have already made great improvements including the use of paper-based packing tape instead of plastic. We’re also trialling the use of void fill packaging made from 100% recycled materials.

The card used in our boxes is all FSC approved and made from at least 90% recycled materials. Our paper packaging is made from 100% recycled material and at least 98% recycled material in the corrugate wraps.

We upcycle cardboard boxes received at our distribution centres for use as protective layering for products to sit on when delivering items on wooden pallets. The pallets are currently wrapped for transit with a single-use plastic film. This is not ideal, but we are in the process of transitioning to alternatives made from at least 30% recycled material.

In keeping with the environmentally friendly practice of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, we are trying to reduce the amount of packaging we use overall.

As well as finding ways to continuously improve our packaging we urge customers to order in bulk and to combine orders where possible in an effort to reduce the impact from delivery, reducing the amount of vehicles on our roads and helping to reduce the amount of pollution they cause.

The EcoCentric innovation team is always coming up with new ways to promote sustainability both internally and for our customers, and we welcome ideas and feedback on what we’re doing right and how we can continue to improve our service and our products.

We’d like to thank you for your continued support and your patience as we keep improving our procedures and packaging to help better protect the environment.