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Giving Back – Our Ecologi Forest


We have committed to planting trees for every single order

We didn’t think committing to exclusively selling genuinely eco-friendly products was enough. We’ve partnered with Ecologi to plant a tree for every £20 spent with us to help offset some of the impact of fulfilling customer orders.

Every time you place an order with us of at least £20, new trees will be planted in our Ecologi forest – click the link to see how it is growing. We actually have them planted on customers behalf automatically as part of the order process, so you know you’re helping the planet and you can proudly display your eco-credentials. Don’t worry about your data, we never pass any details of your transaction or yourself on to any third party, including Ecologi.

So far we’ve planted over 2,000 trees in our forest – with your help, we’d like to get this to 100,000 trees by 2024.

Just another way you can help protect the Earth with EcoCentric.

Young Tree
Planting a forest