Washroom, Cleaning & Janitorial

Keeping premises clean and sanitary is vital to the health and safety of staff and visitors. These eco-friendly cleaning supplies and equipment offer equal or even better deep cleaning power compared to traditional janitorial products, whether you need graffiti removal spray or heavy duty rubber gloves you're sure to find the cleaning supplies you need in our range.

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  1. Wipes


    Wipes that clean and sanitise, whilst offering a solution that's kinder to the earth
    As Low As £3.05
  2. Paper Disposables

    Paper Disposables

    Environmentally friendly paper towels, rolls and tissues
    As Low As £0.85
  3. Delphis Eco Chewing Gum Remover

    Delphis Eco Chewing Gum Remover

    Powerful cleaner of all gum based adhesives including chewing gum, Blu-tack, Biro, Tipp-Ex, and label residue
    As Low As £15.80
  4. Disinfectant & Cleaning Solutions

    Disinfectant & Cleaning Solutions

    Cleaning products that will help to keep your workplace clean and green
    As Low As £2.25
  5. Waste Disposal

    Waste Disposal

    Promote recycling and ensure safe eco-friendly disposal on and around your premises
    As Low As £1.95
  6. Cleaning Equipment

    Cleaning Equipment

    Ecologically designed cleaning equipment that will help you clean while protecting the environment
    As Low As £2.40
  7. Rubber Gloves

    Rubber Gloves

    Natural rubber gloves to protect your hands as well as the environment
    As Low As £3.45
  8. Delphis Eco Scented Air Neutraliser

    Delphis Eco Scented Air Neutraliser

    Naturally formulated to rapidly eliminate odours at source and replace with a pleasant fragrance
    As Low As £4.90
  9. Delphis Eco Bio Urinal Blocks

    Delphis Eco Bio Urinal Blocks

    Delphis Bio urinal blocks contain friendly bacteria to consume and remove odour molecules
    As Low As £27.25
  10. Delphis Eco Graffiti Remover Wipes

    Delphis Eco Graffiti Remover Wipes

    Remove spray and oil based paints, black marker pen, Tipp-Ex, felt tips and Biros from hard surfaces
    As Low As £37.15
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