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Showa 4552 Biodegradable Nitrile Gripper Gloves

As Low As £6.05

Showa 4552 Biodegradable Nitrile Gripper Gloves

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As Low As £6.05
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Engineered with SHOWA’s Eco Best Technology® (EBT), this planet-friendly milestone in glove innovation is ideal for many applications across a range of industries

  • The nitrile sponge coating and polyester lining is engineered with Showa’s Eco Best Technology (EBT), composed of organic material that accelerates the biodegradation of nitrile in biologically active landfills without any sacrifice in performance
  • Manufactured using an ergonomically designed hand mould that replicates the natural curvature of the human hand, reducing hand fatigue and increasing productivity and dexterity
  • The sponge nitrile coating provides good grip in oily and dry conditions and protects against oils, grease and abrasion
  • Gloves provide great levels or protection, with high mechanical resistance to abrasion
  • Lightweight, seamless 15 gauge liner that is breathable on the back, to minimise perspiration
  • Elasticated wrist keeps the glove securely in place
  • Do not wear gloves when there is a risk of entanglement by moving parts of machines

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Our Opinion

Showa have invested heavily in EBT technology. This attaches an active ingredient to the gloves during the production process which significantly increases the rate of degradation to 1-5 years from over 100 years for standard nitrile gloves when disposed of in active landfill. Plastics marketed as "biodegradable" will contribute to plastic pollution if they are lost or littered. We should be mindful that they do not break down as quickly and completely in the environment as the term might imply and thus can harm wildlife and ecosystems. But if disposed of correctly there is proof that biodegradable plastics may provide a net benefit to the environment, especially when viewed in the context of millions of items of disposable clothing and PPE ending up in landfill every year. It is worth noting that these gloves (like nearly every disposable glove) are manufactured in the far east and so have a long journey to the UK. We must also consider the intended use of the products before celebrating that they're biodegradable. If gloves have been very heavily soiled or covered in oils/solvents, realistically this may also reduce their ability to biodegrade.

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Description Showa 4552 Biodegradable Nitrile Gripper Gloves
Size Medium
Pack Qty 1 Pair
1 - 19 £6.55
20 - 39 £6.40
40 - 59 £6.20
60+ £6.05

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