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Food Cartons

As Low As £69.95

Food Cartons

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As Low As £69.95

Versatile kraft board food cartons with compostable grease-resistant lining

  • Sustainably sourced from recycled paper and card food cartons in a natural brown kraft colour
  • Offers superior grease-resistance with the innovational water-based lining. The lining is tough enough to prevent leaks whilst being commercially compostable
  • Please check your local recycling guidelines for the best way to recycle or compost these cartons
  • Leakproof webbed corners and fold in flaps give a perfect closure to protect food
  • Perfect for hot food like pies or pasta dishes and excellent for on-the-go street food
  • Available in 700ml (11 x 9 x 6.5cm) or 1300ml (15 x 15 x 6.5cm) sizes to suit any portion
  • Available in cases of 450 (700ml) and 300 (1300ml)

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Our Opinion

Vegware is made from plants using renewable, lower carbon, recycled or reclaimed materials, and designed to be commercially compostable food waste, where accepted. Compostables are a practical solution for single-use food-contaminated disposables, allowing food services to achieve their sustainability goals. At the disposal stage the products must be separated from general recycling and placed into clearly marked bins that will go to Industrial Composters where the waste will break down to make compost which can be used in local agricultural and horticultural applications. Vegware will even assist you in locating your nearest site. Even if you cannot arrange collection of your waste, using plant based renewable materials as opposed to conventional materials like plastic for this type of product means it has a far lower negative environmental impact. It's crazy that so many single use disposable products are made from materials that will not degrade for hundreds of years, Vegware products are an innovative response to this and adopting them also makes a statement about your organisations sustainability policies.

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Description Food Cartons
Dimensions 65 x 90 x 110mm
Capacity 700ml
Pack Qty 450 Food Cartons
1 £92.50
2 - 3 £90.50
4+ £87.50


Description Food Cartons
Dimensions 150 x 120 x 65mm
Capacity 1300ml
Pack Qty 300 Food Cartons
1 £79.95
2 - 3 £74.95
4+ £69.95

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