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Dirteeze Trademate Bamboo Dry Wipes

As Low As £4.70

Dirteeze Trademate Bamboo Dry Wipes

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As Low As £4.70

Dry wipes made from 80% biodegradable and fully sustainable bamboo, suitable for use on hands, tools, machinery and most surfaces

  • Wipes made from 80% bamboo, which grows up to 2 feet per day and is 100% biodegradable and fully sustainable
  • No use of softwood or hardwood trees that can result in deforestation
  • Otex 100 certified with no harmful substances - free from plastics and the use of fossil fuels/oil reserves
  • Stronger than paper, reducing waste from weaker paper and more sustainable than 100% plastic alternatives
  • Low lint construction is solvent resistant and works great with oils
  • Re-usable nature, works more like a cloth than a disposable wipe - 80% bamboo and 20% PET
  • Ideal for decorators, trades, mechanics, and workshops, use on hands, tools, machinery and most surfaces
  • Each sheet is 260 x 280mm, big enough for any job
  • Supplied in a tub of 55 wipes

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Our Opinion

Using stronger wipes which offer some reusability is a great way of reducing the amount of wipes used - especially in applications where they are in high use. When paper based wipes are used, trees are cut down and more wipes have to be used as they are not as strong. When cellulose or plastic based wipes are used, they are more reusable but not sustainable either in production or after disposal. Bamboo is a sustainable, fast growing plant (growing as much as 1 to 2 feet per day) and requires very little water and processing resources, and helps these wipes out-perform many common disposable wipes. We welcome the high bamboo content, however it should be noted that these wipes still contain 20% Polypropylene to bind it (which we don't like and are working with the manufacturer to try to improve) and may therefore not biodegrade to the extent normally associated with bamboo. Furthermore, if wipes have been heavily soiled or covered in various solvents, biodegradability may be inhibited regardless.

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GX0879 - Dirteeze Trademate Bamboo Dry Wipes - 280 x 260mm - Tub of 55

Description Dirteeze Trademate Bamboo Dry Wipes
Dimensions 280 x 200mm
Pack Qty 55 Dry Wipes
1 - 11 £5.35
12 - 23 £5.10
24 - 35 £4.90
36+ £4.70

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