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Clean Living Limescale Remover - Starter Pack

As Low As £9.30

Clean Living Limescale Remover - Starter Pack

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As Low As £9.30
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The UK's first refillable aluminium cleaning products with high concentrate cleaning sachets.

Clean Living aim to reduce plastic waste and harness the power of nature, to provide superior products that give a deeper clean than traditional cleaning products.

Most cleaning products are 99% water and come in single-use plastic. Clean Living’s robust refillable bottles are designed to be easily refilled, simply pour your planet friendly sachet into the empty bottle and just add water!

  • 100% natural limescale remover that leaves surfaces sparkling clean
  • Sparkling clean surfaces, ideal for use on taps, tiles, sinks, shower screens and kettles
  • Easy and safe use, once sprayed on contact turns limescale into a liquid for effortless and safe removal
  • Doesn't damage sealants - No harsh corrosive chemicals
  • Reduced plastic with a refillable aluminium cleaning bottle that is designed to last much longer than normal disposable cleaning products
  • Easy refills simply pour a sachet in the empty bottle and add water
  • Superior clean without use of harsh chemicals - free from Sodium Hydroxide, Chlorine, Phosphate, Solvent and Ammonia
  • Protect your surfaces long after you've cleaned them as the formulation uses live and healthy bacteria to stunt the regrowth of harmful germs
  • Freshly fragranced products that break down odorous bacteria
  • Reduced CO2 emissions - aluminium bottle arrives empty to reduce C02 emissions
  • Eco-friendly external packaging that is 100% recyclable
  • Please note that the refill sachets contain a foil to protect the live bacteria ingredients, check your local recycling guidelines for the best way to recycle

    Bulk buy and save, plus refill sachets take up very little storage space!

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Our Opinion

Clean Living provide superior eco-friendly cleaning products in high concentrate sachets with refillable bottles. Their cleaning solutions are free from hazardous toxins and also contain healthy bacteria. Using live bacteria helps to protect your surfaces long after you've cleaned them as the formulation stunts the regrowth of harmful germs. Generally Clean Livings packaging is extremely good the external packaging is fully recyclable. As the products contain live friendly bacteria, the refill sachets cannot be widely recycled at present due to the presence of foil to protect the live bacteria in the product. The company are proactively searching for a solution, please check your local recycling guidelines. Many plastic trigger bottles are made from single use virgin plastics which last for over 500 years, and people typically purchase and dispose of them over and over again. Using a refill based system means that the shipping weight for a bottle of cleaning spray is reduced by over 90% as the water element is removed in turn reducing C02 emissions. The aluminium bottles are also designed to last much longer than normal disposable cleaning products, creating a ‘bottle-for-life’ is a big step forward in reducing plastic waste. The EcoCentric team love this product range.

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GX1327 - Clean Living Limescale Remover - Starter Pack

Description Limescale Remover
Pack Qty 1 Starter Pack
1+ £10.80

GX1337 - Clean Living Limescale Remover - Refill Sachet

Description Limescale Remover - Refill Sachets
Pack Qty 3 Sachets
1 £10.50
2 - 4 £9.90
5+ £9.30

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